The Isolation Project: DIY Park by Felix Widnig und Friedl Kolar


The Isolation Project: When everything shut down caused by Corona Virus and the following lock-down, Felix Widnig came up with the idea to build a park just behind his house on the south side of Goldeck/Carinthia/Austria.

The Isolation Project

The snow situation was still good and with nothing else to do we started digging. It was an refreshing way to blend out all the worries from Covid-19. After 5 days of testing, rebuilding and a fresh dump of snow we started to ride our very own dream park. Every morning over the next week we met up on the mountain far away from all the media hysteria around the epidemic.

Just 6 of us, isolated in mother nature and a perfect park. The run was about 45 seconds long and the hike up took us about 7 minutes. It felt a like a paddle out to the ocean with a perfect wave ahead just waiting for you to attack the lips. After a few warm-up laps things always heated up fast and tricks were thrown down. Helme was flying the Drone and we filmed each other as good as possible.

Day by day the park melted more and more away and we started to just do one-hitter jumps and rebuilt some of the features for a special session. Friedl found a perfect tree that was transformed into a Rainbowrail and later on into a double rail that was attacked with the Äsmo for a last Isolation Session.

Some fun side facts:

  • This clip was never planned…
  • Felix is a monster with his shovel. he dug the top part alone in one day..
  • We used a couple of kilos of salt to get speed for the first jump…
  • Lissi was 7 months pregnant….
  • We had to build up some of the landings….
  • Felix landed 2 kickflips with the Äsmo….
  • We didn´t see anyone else during the whole time….

Riders: Felix Widnig, Friedl Kolar
Additional Riders and Filmers: Helme Seidl Chris Wascher Cory Hutter Lissi Kandolf Photos: Sam Strauss
Pre-Edit: Felix & Friedl
Final Edit: Mone „MonEpic“ Monsberger