CAPiTA Warpspeed 2019/2020


CAPiTA Warpspeed 2019/2020 – The apparatus before you was initially built by Doctor Vladimir Posik as an escape hatch to leave this universe.

CAPiTA Warpspeed 2019/2020

Consumers of the era didn’t believe such transportation was possible, so it was intentionally mislabeled as a recreational device that, once purchased and put to use, would transform the enthusiast’s life forever. Imagine buying a ticket to Reno and waking up in the outer regions of Neptar. It was a game of chance for those young and old and brave enough to roll the dice.

What appears to be a simple board of wood and fiberglass was actually a ring made of cosmic strings, several million light-years across, spinning at nearly the speed of light. In fact, it’s not a transportation device at all, but the path in which the transport takes place. As an ancient 21st Century proverb once said, „I am not your rolling wheels; I am the highway. I am not your carpet ride; I am the sky.“

Are you looking for a portal to a new reality? Do you need an escape hatch from the mundane? If you’re brave enough to take the chance, then WARPSPEED is what you need.

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