CAPiTA Kazu Kokubo Pro 2019/2020


CAPiTA Kazu Kokubo Pro 2019/2020 – Kazuhiro Kokubo is a legend. He is one of snowboarding’s shining stars, admired around the globe for his style and grace under the most demanding of circumstances.

CAPiTA Kazu Kokubo Pro 2019/2020

Part of the allure of Kazu’s persona is how deeply he is able to share his personal vision of the world. He uses emotive and powerful physical expression and very few words. It’s the understanding that’s important to him, not the noise.

It is in this spirit that Kazu has designed snowboards over the years. Always self-reflective and drafted with symbolism connecting his love for his family and nature, his boards have been true to concept, throw-back pro models. The imagery, especially on his base graphics, have depicted visions from Kazu’s mind which remind him of who he is and the ones he loves, thoughtfully brought to life by his friend and tattoo artist Ganji of Three Tides Tattoo in Tokyo.

For his 2019 model Kazu explains, „The graphic for this year is of a Japanese angel flying in the sky. She is a symbol of freedom and represents my daughter who was born this past year during the winter season. My wish for her…is to grow up with freedom.“

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