Strange Brew – Episode 3

Neues aus Hyland Hills


Strange Brew erzählen Geschichten. Geschichten vom Snowboarden, von Orten, an denen Snowboarden lebt und von den Menschen, die es am Leben erhalten. Klingt zu intelektuell? F*** it, lasst uns die Filme genießen.

Worum geht’s in der neuesten Episode? „Well, we have certainly found a direction. What we discovered in ourselves was a longing: a hole, of sorts. In attempt for filling, an attempt to placate the grumbling tummy of the beast, we made our way through the deserts and plains to Hyland Hills, Minnesota. Her draw was magnetic, and though the feeling was blatant, it wasn’t until our arrival that we realized why. This home of the Twin City boarders is the rope-tow Mecca. We took pen to ink, doodling an inscription that stained our brains as a tattoo will. It bled through the pages, seeping an archetypal scribble that will be remembered by all involved. But as the call dictates, we cannot stay here forever. And so the journey continues.“

Music: Homegirl$ – Trinidad James, Seifuku – 猫 シ Corp.

Featuring: Walker Murphy, Keenan Cawley, Jacob Luczak, Alex Sherman, Derrek Lever, Tommy Gesme, Colton Feldman, Brett Wulc, Brett Wilkinson

Film: Brett Wulc, Colton Feldman

Edit: Brett Wulc

Strange Brew – Episode 2

„Our last episode highlighted on the sorcery that occurs at Boreal (what they call „Boreal Magic“) and left the viewer on a transpersonal cliff, offering the supposition that perhaps what we are learning from this mountain has meaning beyond an affinity to our snowboards. Well, we kept boarding and we continued to discover new reaches of ourselves, to which can only be attributed to Her magical qualities. She has attracted new faces; those of ancient folklore and some of more recent conquests. Through this change, we have expanded our cult internally and externally: among all aspects of the boarder. Though we pursue this exploration into the mind and core, we still find ourselves as lost as ever. This is neither here nor there, though, as we have companionship and boards and Boreal’s spells to keep our hearts digging in what may not be the right direction . . . but at least it’s some direction.“

Music: Midnight Stereo Preview – 猫 シ Corp., Night Walk – 猫 シ Corp.

Featuring: Kael Hill, Ian Daly, Freddy McCarthy, Felix MØbarg, Chris Tragos, Marcus Rand, Keegan Hosefros, Tim Humphries, Kai Ujejski, Jacob Krugmire, Casey Pletz, Brett Wilkinson, Keenan Cawley, Riley Nickerson, Jacob Luczak

Film: Brett Wulc, Danny Kern

Edit: Brett Wulc, Danny Kern

Strange Brew – Episode 1

„A spell happened itself upon our slope that is Boreal. There is no diagnosis nor locution to even begin a dictum in regards to Her (Boreal’s) day-to-day going-ons. She attracts those who believe and who act. She beckons through the wind for more; from the Wind itself and from within. She holds an intrinsic knowing capable to only those who feel and allow their magnet to respond to Hers. Though you are entitled to your doubts, we have, for your viewing pleasure, documented proof of Her sorcery. Despite this spell binding visual article acting as proof, perhaps it is also evident of a knowing that we are finding in ourselves.
Well now, I suppose that we will just have to keep boarding to find out.“

Music: Casino Lisboa – Dirty Beaches

Featuring: Tommy Gesme, Riley Nickerson, Freddy McCarthy, Ian Daly, Felix Mobarg, Jake Braseth, Casey Pletz, Brady Lem, Eric Verillo, Derrek Lever, Mark Wilson, Marcus Rand, Kai Ujeski, Keenan Cawley

Film: Brett Wulc, Danny Kern

Edit: Brett Wulc