Blue Tomato Best Foot Forward Europe Tour 2018 Recap


The European stops of the Best Foot Forward Tour 2018 are a wrap and we are happy to send five well-deserved winners to the Finals in Boston, MA! Find out everything here:
With more participants than ever, this year’s tour started in Stuttgart, visited Innsbruck, Berlin, Dortmund and Winterthur. It was an epic AM contest series. Thanks to all the participants!

1st Stop: Stuttgart (19th of May):
1. Adrian Hirt
2. Reece Knobloch
3. Erik Müller
Best Trick: Michael Tan

2nd Stop: Innsbruck (21st of May):
1. Lenni Pfeiffer
2. Santino Exenberger
3. Fabian Trojer
Best Trick: Livio Tomassetti & Patricc Wolf

3rd Stop: Berlin (9th of June):
1. Tim Janke
2. #bluetomatoteam rider Marco Kada
3. Nils Rapp
Best Trick: Kevin Lemischko

4th Stop: Dortmund (23rd of June):
1. Mika Möller
2. Alex Ring
3. Reece Knobloch
Best Trick: Marcel Wirkus

5th Stop: Winterthur (7th of July):
1. Valentino Bonelli
2. Reece Knobloch
3. Jimmy van Genabith
Best Trick: Valentino Bonelli

Music: Silverman Sound Studios – Wave Rider
( is licensed under CC BY 3.0

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