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19/20 Ride Agenda

Slimewalls® provide a smooth ride and increase durability. A Foundation™ Core features tip-to-tail Aspen for proven durability that retains pop and flex. The Agenda is designed with a softer flex to allow...

19/20 Ride Algorythm

Quadratic Sidecut improves turn initiation/exit and edge grip. A Performance™ Core combines Aspen, Bamboo, and Paulownia wood to provide the perfect balance of strong and light. Carbon Array 5™ provides extra pop...

19/20 Ride Commissioner

Tapered Elliptical Progressive Sidecut allows for exceptional turn initiation and follow through. New lighter cored aluminum/carbon fiber top sheet increases high-speed control. Paulownia core reduces weight and increases flex properties for snappier...

19/20 Ride Berzerker

A new shape reduces tip curvature and adds a small amount of taper to improve speed edge to edge and float. The Tapered Quadratic sidecut has been enhanced to improve stability and...

19/20 Ride Burnout

A new Linear Twin Sidecut design paired with Flat Kick Tips increases underfoot width, enhances leverage on landings, increases edge hold through turns, and improves stability on flat base. Carbon Slimewalls® enhance...

19/20 Ride Helix

Asymmetric Shaping improves heelside turn initiation and control with different radii for the heel and toeside edges. Carbon Array 3™ provides extra pop without adding stiffness. With a name rooted in the...

19/20 Ride Kink

Twin Hybrid Camber provides pop and smooth turn initiation. A quadratic sidecut provides predictability and edge hold. Slimewalls® and Cleave Edge™ provide a smoother ride and increase durability. The sintered base is...

19/20 Ride Machete

A Quadratic Sidecut improves turn initiation/exit and edge grip. Carbon Slimerods® 1.0 have carbon for pop and a slime-core to smooth out the landings. Carbon Array 3™ provides extra pop without adding...

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Monster Energy teamed up with Whistler Blackcomb to build the proper feature for Max to assist in the progression of snowboarding. "It was a dream for me when I first started competing internationally, to push the boundaries of snowboarding. I have been visualizing this trick for a few months and when the opportunity presented itself this season thanks to Monster Energy & Whistler Blackcomb, I felt it was the right time"

What makes your heart beat? Freeskiing at Blue Tomato 2017

What makes your heart beat? If, like for us, it's freeskiing, we're here to help you - your ride. our mission. Find everything you need here: #bluetomatoteam riders: Sebastian Hein Josh Absenger Fabio Studer Sam Baumgartner Subscribe to our channel: Contact Blue Tomato through your favorite means of communication: Tel: +43 3687 2422 333 F: I: @bluetomato P: T: G+: Music: jahzzar - 2014 ( CC BY-SA

Monster Energy: Merrill Time – Episode 1 [Street]

One of the most well-rounded snowboarders in the game, Bode Merrill shines whereever he shreds. Join Bode and friends as they destroy the street in Episode 1 of MerrillTime! Be sure to check out the additional episodes of #MerrillTime! Follow Monster Energy:
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